What’s a VBAC?

“Vaginal Birth After Cesarian” is how my son was born after 3 hours of actively trying to push him out. Alhamdulillah. I had no idea it could take that long.

After an unplanned c-section with my first, I heard about VBACs and knew nothing about it. I looked into it and knew I’d want to try for it if we had another. Alhamdulillah.

  • The first step is finding a doctor who supports VBACs.
  • Then make an appointment & provide them with your c-section report. Just call your OB/GYN at the time and inquire for it.
  • They will determine if you qualify as a candidate or not.

My advice is to have an open mind and pray hard. I knew I really wanted one, but let’s be real. It can be a little scary. Ultimately, you want to do whats best for you and your baby. So if having another c-section is where its at, then in sha Allah you won’t be disappointed. Trust in God’s plan for you.

I woke up around 2am with strong contractions minutes apart. I was concerned I wouldn’t know when it’d be time ..not really experiencing this the first time around. But when they say you’ll know, they ain’t lying! It was like a menstrual cramp that crept in and hit hard. A cramp on steroids. A “Hulk” cramp! A cramp that says “nah-uh” you ain’t sleeping on me!

As I calmly tried to rush, I put on the first thing I could find and told my husband we need to go..NOW. In a hurry, we ditched the plan of waiting for my mom to come over to watch our daughter! Instead, she met us at the hospital. The little wanted to come anyway so it worked out.

Upon arrival, I was around 8 cm! Per my request, the epidural subsided the intensity of the pain, phew! As it did slow down the process, I was fully dialated and ready to push a few hours later at 6am. Alhamdulillah.

Nurses make all the difference! There is an art to “pushing” a baby out. From the way you breathe to the position of your body to the pep talks.

[All of which I had no instruction with my first delivery. It was all up to me. I had no idea what I was doing. They told me to push, shortly after were advising a cesarian due to no progress]

But back to pep talks. Its different for everyone. I was tired and out of breathe. They helped push me through it like a workout that’s kicking your butt, 3 hours of intense pushing. There were 2-3 moments where C-section was possible and I was ready for it with an open mind. But at those moments, I made dhikr, I silently prayed and Alhamdulillah the issues resolved.

All deliveries are so special be it vaginal, csection, natural, medicated, at home, in hospital, unplanned, strategically planned, etc. By the will of Allah, you are bringing a baby into this world (in sha Allah) and that is amazing in itself.

I hope to inspire anyone in a similar situation. Know that your prayers during labor are extra special. Pray a lot. Eat a lot of dates during pregnancy because there are great benefits, in sha Allah. I ate them like whoa! And have an open mind. Ask the nurses for help, even if its a hair tie. (Me!) Ultimately, Allah has a plan for you. Alhamdulillah.

Dear Dockatot

Dear Dockatot,

The first time I saw you on Instagram, I was definitely intrigued. All these cute babies just lounging on top of ya, lookin’ all cute and cozy. It was like love at first sight! I really wanted one. So when you made your way over to my house, I was so excited to try you out.

Before you arrived, I was ever so cautiously rearranging furniture in my living room to accomodate my baby during nap time. Things would get pretty creative! You see our rooms are upstairs, but we spend most of our time downstairs in the living room. So having you around makes nap time a breeze. I can place baby on ya safely docked on our 1st floor. All while I go about my me time, chore time and attend to my big girl without worrying.

Having you around brings comfort to the whole family. My baby really likes you. From nap time to play time, he and his older sister are all over you. Your soft cushion lets me place you anywhere on our hardwood floors. You’ve even helped me through diaper changes. And oh do my kids enjoy snuggling you up! As a cosleeper, my baby will sometimes wake up if he moves and doesn’t feel me next to him. But with you by his side, he’ll reach his arms out, touch your soft cushiony pillow and quickly go back to napping buying this mama some extra me time. It’s like that phrase goes, “Happy wife, happy life” When baby naps, mamas happy and the whole family benefits! In sha Allah [arabic for God willing].

You’re lightweight enough to carry around the house! You’re the most multifunctional, comforting, pillow-like lounger. And for that, I think We love you!

P.S. This is from a mama without a crib!

Yours truly,

One happy mama & her crew!

[Disclosure: I received this product compliments of dockatot. All opinions are my own own. Real, honest and sincere.]

This love letter is based on the dockatot grand [suggested for tots 9-36 months]. It comes with a classic white cover. If you need fancy nancy in your life, check out their adorable covers. We have Pina Colada and it was so hard to choose! The covers come off easily and their washable. ::insert me clapping::

Side note: This is a lounger. Please always supervise your child when in use.

You can access their website by clicking on this link: Dockatot and their instagram by clicking on this link: Dockatot’s Instagram They have the cutest baby spam and functional ways other moms incorporate the dockatot in their everyday.

Now for some more visuals!

Why we LOVE our Nugget and Think you would too!

What’s a nugget anyway? It can be anything you want it to be. That’s the joy of nugget comfort. With 4 cushions, your kid(s) can design, relax, pretend and play to their hearts content!

The nugget is designed with kids in mind every step of the way. Its unpacking is so easy. The bright empty box serves for loads of creative play and the sofa is amazing!

It literally takes minutes to set up and our kids were all over it right out the box!

The foam pieces are sturdy, but light enough for my kids to maneuver! My five year old rearranges the pieces all by herself while my one year old enjoys rolling around the triangular pieces.

You can do so many things with this sofa. Its an investment I think you’ll be happy you spent (for you and your kids!). Our kids spend so much time playing with the nugget. For that reason, it makes a great parenting hack. Just place it somewhere you can see them and multitask away! Just make sure you set some ground rules, there were a few bumps with all the over-excitement!

Did I mention how comfortable it is? I can go on about the different ways its been used, but I’d rather show you!

For more, check them out at NuggetComfort

p.s. they have the cutest IG feed!