Covered Goods Nursing Cover 4-in-1 Review

Salaam/Peace! I am so excited to have received this nursing cover from Covered Goods. They are 100% accurate in its description. Its stretchy, lightweight, provides all around coverage, super cute, stylish and multifunctional! What more could you ask for in a nursing cover!? Oh I know, and its folds up nice and small so it won’t take up a ton of room in your bag! Even … Continue reading Covered Goods Nursing Cover 4-in-1 Review

Review-Children’s Book “What Is A Muslim?”

Review of the children’s book “What Is A Muslim?” This adorable book teaches our children how to be a good muslim. It highlights the pillars of Islam through easy text and large, colorful pictures. The illustrator, being the author’s 10 year old daughter, makes the images so relatable to our children. Ma sha Allah, a father-daughter collaboration! The majority of the story is told in … Continue reading Review-Children’s Book “What Is A Muslim?”

Review-My Deen Magazine

Review: My Deen Magazine-February’s Issue/2018-Safety First! (2-4 yrs old) An Islamic Children’s Magazine that combines fun with learning about basic skills and positivity in Islam for kids 2-11yrs old (same monthly theme, different content per age group)! We finally got our 1st issue of My Deen Magazine and it’s awesome! When you’re 4 and there’s a large envelope in the mail with your name on … Continue reading Review-My Deen Magazine

Favorite Dairy Free/Egg Free Foodies

As a dairy free/egg free mama, I’m always excited to find new snacks, meals, etc! I feel like this is becoming more common now a days. Restaurants have dairy free options, grocery stores are offering more, vegan bakeries are popping up! I’m looking out for vegan Ice cream spots! I’ve been to one in NY (check out Van Leeuwan Artisan Ice Cream) and can I … Continue reading Favorite Dairy Free/Egg Free Foodies