Travel Hacks for Parents

Are you ready for your upcoming trip? Here are 7 hacks to make your travels a bit easier with little kids! In sha Allah/God willing. 1. Pack while kid(s) are sleeping. Kids love to help especially when they are excited! For example, my lil’ one wanted to pack her own luggage and iron her own clothes. It can be a great teaching and bonding experience, … Continue reading Travel Hacks for Parents

Feeding Baby-3 Quick and Easy Ideas

Salam/Peace Mamas 💕 When baby is old enough to eat, or shall I say ready to is such an exciting time. I thought for weeks, okay..okay..months before about what that first food would be! Any mamas with me? Going for that organic, home made option! Not that anything is wrong with store bought. I just love making things from scratch! From my first baby … Continue reading Feeding Baby-3 Quick and Easy Ideas

Homeschool. My Why. My How.

Salaam! (Peace) I wanted to share our homeschooling journey. Here it goes. Back in the day, I used to think homeschooling was odd. I grew up in New York, went to school since preschool and lets face it, most movies don’t really depict it as being awesome! After having our daughter and discovering her dairy allergy, I didn’t feel too comfortable placing her in an … Continue reading Homeschool. My Why. My How.