Making More Time for Mama

Its been a while since I’ve posted. The main reason being mom life. Kids are getting bigger Ahamdulillah which means new phases, new routines and new goals. But that’s life. However many kids you have or don’t, things are always changing. We have the choice to remain stagnant and push against the current or go with the flow and aim to better at whatever we choose to focus on.

Motherhood is a beautiful gift Alhamdulillah with almost every occupation under one title MOM! But even MOM needs TLC. Giving yourself that Tender Love and Care starts with you. You’re kids will see it and in sha Allah carry that with them into their adult hood.

We love our kids so much, it hurts to see them run down whether it be they are tired, sick, cranky, etc. Imagine them doing that to themselves as adults after all the effort we give to them as kids?! How can we make every effort to help them and not put effort into ourselves?

I have been listening to so many podcasts and reading things that have inspired me to make little changes and you can too!

Eating better makes you feel better. Start with something small! For example, bake a healthier version of your favorite go to snack and freeze them so you can have them whenever you want! My go to are some amazing chocolate muffins with literally just 4 healthy ingrediants! It delicious, its nutrtious and its a healthier option! Choose more fruits and veggies through out your day . Since choosing more plant based foods, I can honestly say it does make a difference in how you feel.

Get active! This one is hard to find the time. But its about finding the pocket of time that works for you and being consistent with it. Start with a walk outhside early morning or afternoon. Put the little one in a stroller, take them with you. Your older kids can go too. Put them on a scooter or bike. Are they napping? Get in at least 10 minutes of any youtube work out you like! There’s tons of options and its free! You can stream it from your phone and do it right next to your napping baby. Anything you can fit in. Mama you got this.

Give yourself a bedtime. lol seriously though! As we know with cranky babies who get no sleep, its no different as an adult. The better rested you are, the better you can feel and the better you can be all around!

I recently attended a lecture by Imam Siraj Wahaj who beautifully reminded us the key to success in this life is the book.

We spend so much time on our phones, we can redirect at least 5 minutes to reading Qu’ran even if is on our phone. We want our babies to read, we can’t forget to do the reading too. In sha Allah. After all the first verse revealed in the Qu’ran was “IQRA (read) , in the name of your Lord…”

Just like we make the time to take care of our babies, we need the time to take care of ourselves too. You are just as important! So take that first baby step towards taking better care of you! It will pour out into everyone else you love. In sha Allah.

Help to Having a Healthy Ramadan and More!

As Salam Alakum wa Rahmatulahi wa Barakatu!

Are you a mom with little time for yourself? Yes our roles as mothers are act act of Ibadaah. But how can we fit in those extra things acts of worship we really want to partake in during Ramadan? Are your kids at the age where they are asking why do we have to do this and that? Did you just get married and are wondering what in the world do I cook for myself non the less my man? Even if you don’t have kids, do you have a hectic schedule with little time to cook, meal plan, etc ? Do you know what foods are mentioned in the quran and sunnah to provide the best health benefits during this time? Whatever stage you are at in your life…First off Alhamdulillah! And second off, Giiiiirl you are not alone! I mean, the questions can go on and on having you feel like my expression below lol

Ramadan is an exciting time of year where we strive to get closer to Allah (swt). But how do we prepare ourselves for this special month? There are so many ways! Sometimes it may be too overwhelming because we want to do so much we don’t even know where to start. Keeping it simple can be the best thing.

There are so many great scholars providing amazing lectures with Islamic knowledge online. Sub han Allah, all this amazing information at the tip of our fingers.

That is why I recommend the Ramadan E-Book by sisters Idil and Rahma. but honestly its more than just an Ebook. Think of it more like a comprehensive guide for Ramadan. They are providing us with real talk advice that’s easy, practical and factual. With their professional skill and real life experience, there is something there for all sisters no matter what stage of your life you are at. In sha Allah.

Idil is a registered nutritionist and Heath Educator with a BASc in food and nutrition with over 10 years experience! Rahma is a self published diverse author, a TedX speaker,

And a representation advocate while mothering 3! Together they have created this truly amazing resource to help us have a more productive Ramadan, in sha Allah.

In 93 pages of their ebook you can easily save to your phone they provide:

  • Several “Hows” and “whys” to be more productive with your time as a Muslim backed up with statistics and quoted hadith.
  • Worksheets, templates and mini- posters to help you be more mindful about your goals broken down into social, spiritual and self-care topics. {They even touch upon feeling lonely during Ramadan and how to beat that}.
  • An IN-DEPTH description of the several benefits of fasting, scientifically, quranically and several quoted hadith to remind us how to do it best. Sub han Allah, this part alone is truly motivating.
  • A long list of foods mentioned in the Quran.
  • 101 basics of meal planning: its benefits, how to shop for it, how to cook it!
  • A complete 1 week meal plan that includes a grocery list, healthy recipes that are step by step and include meal visuals. {I really feel like there is something there for everyone. From easy chicken fajitas, to vegetarian dishes, to vegan pancakes, to home made chocolate protein snacks and more filled with great nutrition! These are just some of my favorites}.

Side Note: If you have a special dietary need, you can absolutely subsitute an ingrediant in many of the recipes. And if you need help, Rahma and Idil are easily accessible through their instagram handles. Even if you just grab 1 recipe, it can be a game changer for your Ramadan, in sha Allah.

And to top off they give you even more goodies at the end of the book!

  • Coloring sheets for both adults & kids
  • An amazing Islamic book list with pics & descriptions, one for adults & one for kids!
  • A self love poster.
  • Goals checklists for the day & for the week.

Check out this sneak peaks:

If you don’t know where to start, need a boost, help, ideas or just want to do something different for Ramadan, this is the book you want to read! Its an easy to read all in one resource and easy to flip through the pages on your phone! You can find their site below by clicking on the link below if you’d like more information to purchase it. In sha Allah.

Rahma gifted me this ebook and asked me to give her my honest review of her work. I can honestly say it is an amazing all in one guide truly geared towards making your Ramadan feel more productive and intentional, even if you are unable to fast. Alhamdulillah.

Rahma & Idil’s Ramadan Program

A Good Cause-Mystic Land Creations

Buying fancy things can be quite the adventure! Especially if you have little ones around the house. In that case, purchasing your fancy item is just the start of your adventure. Keeping it in tact will be the journey. But what if your item of value has a story. A story that can teach valuable life lessons to your kids in more ways than one? What am I talking about? Well let me tell you!

Bashair Jabari, founder of OwnAdore, recently reached out to me to collaborate. She sells painted stemware and ceramic plates. The items are beautifully crafted with so much detail.

As first I wasn’t sure how I would incorporate these into my daily life. Much of my kitchen wear is kid proof and whatever isn’t is tucked up out of kid reach. But when I heard the story behind her brand, I simply could not resist.

With every purchase, she uses a big portion of her proceeds to give back in ways that many easily take for granted. Water. For many of us, it runs in the sink, the tub, the toilet, the washer. We turn it off when we’re done and we get fresh, clean water when we turn it back on. We have easy access to filtered water, but many do not. Bashair provides families with low maintenace water recycling systems giving families ongoing safe water for agricultural purposes.

Pictured below: From buckets collecting used water to actual water filters-far left.

Even more so amazing is that many of her pieces have been crafted by individuals from Palestine. Truly an ethical production where your support helps many families in this region.

So if you want to give back, be modestly fancy or know someone who loves art and craftmanship, support Bashair’s mission through your purchase(s). Share her instagram with your friends and family. TheMysticLand Instagram Page If its for you, share them with your littles in a safe, supervised environment. Using fancy wear has a way of making you feel special. So imagine your kids excitement when you bring out the fancy plate! Let’s teach them every day is a special day so why not use a fancy plate today and share the story behind the item(s) highlighting hard work, appreciation and giving.

This post was sponsored by The Mystic Land Creation but I am humbly honored to share such an important mission. Please spread the word. It takes little efforts to make a big difference. My affiliate link is below.


Salam! 😊

Shopping Strollers!

I have a confession to make. I love strollers! Yep. I’m guilty! Its almost like car shopping for your lil’ ones. Like a dream car, there is such a thing as a dream stroller! There are so many out there depending on your wants and needs! From affordability to function, here’s a mini run down of all the strollers we’ve been through from day 1 of mommin’. Alhamdulillah.

1. Britax B-Agile

This was our first stroller ever! We received it as a gift before baby arrived. I was a big jogger enthusiast at the time and this was just right for giving my baby girl many smooth, comfortable rides during my sweat sessions! The back extends all the way down which makes for great naps! She slept like a boss baby in this one which made for easy naptimes out the house. It is so light to push, yet durable for them to grow in and still use as a preschooler. We gave it away when my daughter was four. Ummm, as a joke I may have even pushed my husband in it. Just goes to show you how strong it is! I still miss this stroller!! (P.S. The newer version of this one is now called the B-Lively. My particular stroller was recalled however, Britax sent me a kit to fix the issue and I never had a problem with it!)

2. Britax B-Ready

When my daughter was around 2, I was getting the stroller itch. My daughter was now a toddler and I really wanted to face her while strolling. I could do that with the carrier insert, but she outgrew it so fast. So around income tax time, I convinced the hubbs to buy us the Britax B-Ready. I considered this our luxury stroller! I loved it. I could flip the seat both directions and had a ton of storage space on the bottom. It was big, heavy to pick up and took up a lot of space. But I loved it haha. Truth be told, we sold it after year or two. As your kids get older, functionality needs change, right? lol

3. Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand

With baby no. 2 on the way, I was excited to find a new stroller. This time around, both strollers were gone. Starting from scratch! Double stroller? Uhhh no, my daughter was turning 4 at the time. Single stroller ehhhh, but what if she got tired? She’s still my baby [insert ugly cry face]! So I got the sit and stand! A good middle ground. Only thing was she wanted to be in it all the time just because. I can’t blame her. It was like a new toy with wheels! Only thing was.. it was like pushing a ton! I also felt like my baby was so far away being up in the front. Its the eighteen wheeler truck of strollers. One day at the zoo, we fit 3 kids in it along with the “sureee, place your extra bags here!” Basically, if you have a lot of cargo and don’t mind the weight, check this one out!

4. Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller

With my eldest now in school and my fair share of heavy strollers, I took the plunge. I finally caved in to an umbrella stroller. What a breeze! Light as a feather, suuuuuuper quick to open and close. Ummm wow! Its like when you discover a life hack and you have that “a-haaaa” moment. My only struggle is naptime. This is a basic, basic one with no lounging options so this is one for quick errands NOT during naptime. Otherwise, you’ll be pushing it tilted back on two wheels like me to avoid nap time droopy head probz.

5. Uppababy Cruz

My current stroller. Its no surprise that Uppababy is a pretty penny. Alhamdulillah I was able to score the older version from a parent whose child no longer uses strollers. Basically me with the Agile, back to no. 1. I can honestly say this stroller has everything I’ve wanted in a stroller. It faces both directions. Its easy to push, its lightweight. Its especially comfy for baby and me! And its not even that bulky. Its sleek, stylish and my son loves it. It has multiple recline positions. He will literally climb into it on his own and has even wanted to stay in it when its time to get out. The storage space is amazing! It really is a game changer! It has simplified many struggles for me. For example, I’ll walk around outside until he falls asleep in it. Park him safely indoors with family, and enjoy a nice date with my husband or quickly cook dinner. And that’s the older model, I can imagine what the newer model is like!

So Mamas tell me, which stroller is your fav?!

For more deets on each stroller such as price, ratings, more pics, etc., please check them out on amazon at the following link. I created one collective list including all these strollers along with my fav accessories!

Amazon Affiliate Page-Hey Mama Salam

[None of these brands sponsored this post. This is me just for the fun of it! But if you are thinking of buying any, please consider buying through my link as an amazon influencer affiliate. I earn a small percentage 💛 JazakAllah Khayran & Salam!]

Zaydo Potato-A Series to Inspire

Having a strong identity. How do we raise our children with one?

We want our children to be confident. And it all begins with us! Engaging with them. Encouraging them. Providing them with good content! All these possible opportunities, you will see in the Zaydo Potato Series! And that is only part of the reason we love them!

If you’re a revert like me, your kids are already the minority in your family. The school they attend, where you live adds to this as well! Whatever the case may be, knowledge and familiarity go a long way. And through books, you can do just that! In sha Allah.

Who is Zaydo anyway and how is he relevant to my child?

lol well this character was inspired by husband and wife author’s son, Zayd, nicknamed Zaydo Potato. A young muslim kid who finds adventure in his every day playful curiosity such as:

  • hide and seek in their book titled “Can Allah See Me Now?”
  • a big helper in their book titled “A Muslim Superhero”
  • and keeping ties with family members in their book titled “Allah Loves Me”

Each book starts with either a sahih hadith or ayah that relates to the content. While each story is playful, it provides simple Islamic knowledge that children can grasp and understand, in sha Allah, such as:

  • names of Allah in “Can Allah See Me Now”
  • Sadaqah in “A Muslim Superhero”
  • blessings of Allah in “Allah Loves Me”

Truly an all-in-one experience. But how?

This book gets the whole family involved. With two colors of “super-hero” gear to choose from, pretend play is encouraged for boys and girls! Disclosure: Husbands may get involved! I mean we’re talking muslim super hero capes here lol

For your inner teacher or just downright fun, the story is concluded with suggested activities that will promote counting, phonics, shapes, spatial relations, animals, critical thinking and/or matching that put you and your kiddo on a story hunt back through the pages.

Did I mention dawah? When its storytime, and they choose this book to be read by non-muslim family members. Its amazing the connection, the openness, the learning that so effortless takes place. Sub han Allah.

And last but not least, it teaches us muslim parents as well with its Islamic knowledge, be it a refresher or not! Remembrance of Allah is the outcome. In sha Allah.

Where can I get these books?

Rummana Publishing Website

Crescent Moon Book Store Website

Both ship worldwide! Alhamdulillah!

You can also follow them on instagram for updates, discounts and special giveaways!

Rummana Publishing Instagram

Crescent Moon Book Store Instagram


Review-Omar and Hana Islamic Songs for Kids

Before converting to Islam, music was a big part of my life. As a latina, music is such a big part of the hispanic culture. From cleaning at home by yourself to social gatherings..salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton and more is usually blasting on the music player. Your dancing, your singing to lyrics that are not so modest. But the rhythmn and catchy hook phrases pull you in! For me, it pulled me into a professional dance team. Since being little, that was a dream of mine. Before I knew it, I was performing & teaching professional latin dance well into my early adulthood.

Fastforward to today, I try my best to filter out the songs that I listen to especially for my kids. I realize that the type of music you listen to DOES have an impact on you. So while I clean the house or drive the car and want to listen to music, nasheeds and songs with Islamic content are what I default to first. In todays world, music is everywhere. Though it may be difficult to avoid “main-stream” music, in sha Allah your efforts will have a positive impact on your iman and your family.

That is why I am excited to share with you Omar & Hana: Islamic Songs for Children. My children really enjoy listening to these cute tunes about salah, sharing, salam, and more! As a muslim mom in the US, it is so refreshing to see them enjoying such relatable lyrics and vivid cartoons as little muslims. In an environment where muslims are the minority and various holidays are among us, it’s comforting to share these videos with my kids. You can find a list of their most popular English videos at their website.

Save them to your playlist for the car!

One thing I like to do is save my favorite nasheeds/Islamic songs to a playlist on youtube.

Omar & Hana Islamic Songs for Kids YouTube Channel

You can create more than one. One for you, your kids, or both. You can link it to your bluetooth in the car or play it straight from your device. It “halal-ifies our “radio” experience in the car and you don’t have to worry about your kids listening to inappropriate music.

[Sorry Keke, I ain’t down for ya always!]

[Off topic] My daughter learned this drake song in her kindergarten class from her classmate…Kindergarten! As cute as it is to hear her sing it, Keke ain’t for kindergarten. You feel me? So Alhamdulillah for these resources that help us muslim mamas entertain our children while teaching them Islam. Whether you come from a large muslim family or you are a revert raising little muslims like me, in sha Allah, these songs allow our children to feel comfortable and confident!

Take for example, Omar and Hana’s song about Playtime ! [you can click that link for a listen] This song is so relatable to my five year old as it sings about sharing. With her brother at home, I have used this video/song as a reminder to take turns and encourage playing together nicely. As the song says, everyone is happier when you share and play together. I love how each song ends with Alhamdulillah and an Islamic reminder we can teach our kids about, in sha Allah.

Alhamdulillah, I came across this amazing children’s Islamic resource through their instagram page OmarandHanaEnglish. Their content I feel is captivating for children as young as toddlers to early elementary! My 5 year old and 1 year old both really enjoy them. Our personal favorites are Assalamu Alaikum and The Virtues of Salah. [click those links for a listen!] These adorable videos double as little cartoons for our kids. Are you like me? I get totally excited when I find hijab in cartoons or anything positively Islamic on tv! Maybe its because I’m a revert. Maybe it’s because I live in a country where Islam is the minority. But with Omar & Hana’s recently released vidoes in English, I’m happy to include them in our household as an exciting new Islamic resource. In sha Allah, you will too!

[Disclaimer: This blog post was sponsored by Omar & Hana, however all opinions are my own, real and honest. I only recommend things that I use and genuinely think are awesome! Alhamdulillah]


What’s a VBAC?

“Vaginal Birth After Cesarian” is how my son was born after 3 hours of actively trying to push him out. Alhamdulillah. I had no idea it could take that long.

After an unplanned c-section with my first, I heard about VBACs and knew nothing about it. I looked into it and knew I’d want to try for it if we had another. Alhamdulillah.

  • The first step is finding a doctor who supports VBACs.
  • Then make an appointment & provide them with your c-section report. Just call your OB/GYN at the time and inquire for it.
  • They will determine if you qualify as a candidate or not.

My advice is to have an open mind and pray hard. I knew I really wanted one, but let’s be real. It can be a little scary. Ultimately, you want to do whats best for you and your baby. So if having another c-section is where its at, then in sha Allah you won’t be disappointed. Trust in God’s plan for you.

I woke up around 2am with strong contractions minutes apart. I was concerned I wouldn’t know when it’d be time ..not really experiencing this the first time around. But when they say you’ll know, they ain’t lying! It was like a menstrual cramp that crept in and hit hard. A cramp on steroids. A “Hulk” cramp! A cramp that says “nah-uh” you ain’t sleeping on me!

As I calmly tried to rush, I put on the first thing I could find and told my husband we need to go..NOW. In a hurry, we ditched the plan of waiting for my mom to come over to watch our daughter! Instead, she met us at the hospital. The little wanted to come anyway so it worked out.

Upon arrival, I was around 8 cm! Per my request, the epidural subsided the intensity of the pain, phew! As it did slow down the process, I was fully dialated and ready to push a few hours later at 6am. Alhamdulillah.

Nurses make all the difference! There is an art to “pushing” a baby out. From the way you breathe to the position of your body to the pep talks.

[All of which I had no instruction with my first delivery. It was all up to me. I had no idea what I was doing. They told me to push, shortly after were advising a cesarian due to no progress]

But back to pep talks. Its different for everyone. I was tired and out of breathe. They helped push me through it like a workout that’s kicking your butt, 3 hours of intense pushing. There were 2-3 moments where C-section was possible and I was ready for it with an open mind. But at those moments, I made dhikr, I silently prayed and Alhamdulillah the issues resolved.

All deliveries are so special be it vaginal, csection, natural, medicated, at home, in hospital, unplanned, strategically planned, etc. By the will of Allah, you are bringing a baby into this world (in sha Allah) and that is amazing in itself.

I hope to inspire anyone in a similar situation. Know that your prayers during labor are extra special. Pray a lot. Eat a lot of dates during pregnancy because there are great benefits, in sha Allah. I ate them like whoa! And have an open mind. Ask the nurses for help, even if its a hair tie. (Me!) Ultimately, Allah has a plan for you. Alhamdulillah.

Dear Dockatot

Dear Dockatot,

The first time I saw you on Instagram, I was definitely intrigued. All these cute babies just lounging on top of ya, lookin’ all cute and cozy. It was like love at first sight! I really wanted one. So when you made your way over to my house, I was so excited to try you out.

Before you arrived, I was ever so cautiously rearranging furniture in my living room to accomodate my baby during nap time. Things would get pretty creative! You see our rooms are upstairs, but we spend most of our time downstairs in the living room. So having you around makes nap time a breeze. I can place baby on ya safely docked on our 1st floor. All while I go about my me time, chore time and attend to my big girl without worrying.

Having you around brings comfort to the whole family. My baby really likes you. From nap time to play time, he and his older sister are all over you. Your soft cushion lets me place you anywhere on our hardwood floors. You’ve even helped me through diaper changes. And oh do my kids enjoy snuggling you up! As a cosleeper, my baby will sometimes wake up if he moves and doesn’t feel me next to him. But with you by his side, he’ll reach his arms out, touch your soft cushiony pillow and quickly go back to napping buying this mama some extra me time. It’s like that phrase goes, “Happy wife, happy life” When baby naps, mamas happy and the whole family benefits! In sha Allah [arabic for God willing].

You’re lightweight enough to carry around the house! You’re the most multifunctional, comforting, pillow-like lounger. And for that, I think We love you!

P.S. This is from a mama without a crib!

Yours truly,

One happy mama & her crew!

[Disclosure: I received this product compliments of dockatot. All opinions are my own own. Real, honest and sincere.]

This love letter is based on the dockatot grand [suggested for tots 9-36 months]. It comes with a classic white cover. If you need fancy nancy in your life, check out their adorable covers. We have Pina Colada and it was so hard to choose! The covers come off easily and their washable. ::insert me clapping::

Side note: This is a lounger. Please always supervise your child when in use.

You can access their website by clicking on this link: Dockatot and their instagram by clicking on this link: Dockatot’s Instagram They have the cutest baby spam and functional ways other moms incorporate the dockatot in their everyday.

Now for some more visuals!

Why we LOVE our Nugget and Think you would too!

What’s a nugget anyway? It can be anything you want it to be. That’s the joy of nugget comfort. With 4 cushions, your kid(s) can design, relax, pretend and play to their hearts content!

The nugget is designed with kids in mind every step of the way. Its unpacking is so easy. The bright empty box serves for loads of creative play and the sofa is amazing!

It literally takes minutes to set up and our kids were all over it right out the box!

The foam pieces are sturdy, but light enough for my kids to maneuver! My five year old rearranges the pieces all by herself while my one year old enjoys rolling around the triangular pieces.

You can do so many things with this sofa. Its an investment I think you’ll be happy you spent (for you and your kids!). Our kids spend so much time playing with the nugget. For that reason, it makes a great parenting hack. Just place it somewhere you can see them and multitask away! Just make sure you set some ground rules, there were a few bumps with all the over-excitement!

Did I mention how comfortable it is? I can go on about the different ways its been used, but I’d rather show you!

For more, check them out at NuggetComfort

p.s. they have the cutest IG feed!

Travel Hacks for Parents

Are you ready for your upcoming trip? Here are 7 hacks to make your travels a bit easier with little kids! In sha Allah/God willing.

1. Pack while kid(s) are sleeping.

Kids love to help especially when they are excited! For example, my lil’ one wanted to pack her own luggage and iron her own clothes. It can be a great teaching and bonding experience, hands down. At the same time, it slows the whole packing process down. Let them choose some outfits, iron a couple pieces. But when bedtime hits, that’s when packing gets serious. I got so much accomplished with uninterrupted time to think, plan and pack! Alhamdulillah/thank God.

2. Travel at night.

Yes, kids will be wired for a bit. The excitement is real now. They might even go to bed late! But at least bedtime is on the horizon in sha Allah/God willing. My kids fell asleep in the car on the way to the airport and my baby knocked out towards the end of the flight. Warning ⚠️ : Your child may get that second wind of energy! Mamas you know when its way past bedtime and they get that extra surge of energy. Yep. Be prepared!! But hey at least they’ll sleep in the next morning. Overall, sounds good to me!

3. Charge that tablet/ipad.

This kept my oldest pretty occupied. Access to games and movies, say no more. Don’t forget their headphones!

4. Pack non-spill cups.

Because who wants a spill, wet clothes or a kid crying over spilled juice! Let’s just say my baby was happily licking his sister’s cranberry juice off his chunky little fingers 😂 (side note: if you’re going on a plane, pack them empty and fill them up later because you can’t get through security with liquids unless you want them dipping test strips in your drink 😒)

5. Bring a few good kid books.

I bought 3 small baby books and this kept my son busy for a good amount of time. I just read them over and over and let him play with the pages. Black and white contrast books really grab his attention.

6. Pack you favorite snacks.

Whatever it is your kid loves to snack on, pack it! For us it was organic baby puffs and swedish fish among other things. It will keep your kids, and yourself, busy and happy!

7. Pack your covered goods nursing cover (even if you’re not nursing). This is a game changer!

Please get one of these! I wrapped it around my baby and I and inconspicuously changed his diaper right where I was sitting! How? Get the wipes and diaper ready. Stand your baby up on your lap. Pull the cover over the both of you and bada bing bada boom. Do everything under the cover. A stand up diaper change with privacy! It helps to have another adult next to you to secretly swipe wipes and diapers 😂 Also, it helps keep baby in place while sitting. Kept it wrapped around the both of us for a bit almost like a stretchy seat belt. Seriously its so multifunctional! Here is the link if you are interested: Covered Goods.

What has worked for you? Please let me know in the comments!