Making More Time for Mama

Its been a while since I’ve posted. The main reason being mom life. Kids are getting bigger Ahamdulillah which means new phases, new routines and new goals. But that’s life. However many kids you have or don’t, things are always changing. We have the choice to remain stagnant and push against the current or goContinue reading “Making More Time for Mama”

Help to Having a Healthy Ramadan and More!

As Salam Alakum wa Rahmatulahi wa Barakatu! Are you a mom with little time for yourself? Yes our roles as mothers are act act of Ibadaah. But how can we fit in those extra things acts of worship we really want to partake in during Ramadan? Are your kids at the age where they areContinue reading “Help to Having a Healthy Ramadan and More!”

A Good Cause-Mystic Land Creations

Buying fancy things can be quite the adventure! Especially if you have little ones around the house. In that case, purchasing your fancy item is just the start of your adventure. Keeping it in tact will be the journey. But what if your item of value has a story. A story that can teach valuableContinue reading “A Good Cause-Mystic Land Creations”