About Me

Salam/Peace! My little family and I converted to Islam in 2015. Alhamdulillah/grateful to God. Though both our families are Hispanic, Puerto Rican at that, we have different religions in the fam. From Catholicism to Islam, we respect all. Over time our family has accepted our change and for that I am grateful!

There truly is an amazing community of women online. Be it motherhood or sisterhood. We all look for insight online. Mama humour? Hijab style? Converts like me? Baby hacks? Parenting advice? Check, check, check for all!

From New York to Florida, from Catholic to Muslim, from Wifey to Wifey aaaaand Mama, there’s something we can learn from each other’s experience. Even if its just knowledge 💛 in sha Allah/God willing.

P.S. I tell it how it is & share the things we enjoy, let’s keep it fun!