Making More Time for Mama

Its been a while since I’ve posted. The main reason being mom life. Kids are getting bigger Ahamdulillah which means new phases, new routines and new goals. But that’s life. However many kids you have or don’t, things are always changing. We have the choice to remain stagnant and push against the current or go with the flow and aim to better at whatever we choose to focus on.

Motherhood is a beautiful gift Alhamdulillah with almost every occupation under one title MOM! But even MOM needs TLC. Giving yourself that Tender Love and Care starts with you. You’re kids will see it and in sha Allah carry that with them into their adult hood.

We love our kids so much, it hurts to see them run down whether it be they are tired, sick, cranky, etc. Imagine them doing that to themselves as adults after all the effort we give to them as kids?! How can we make every effort to help them and not put effort into ourselves?

I have been listening to so many podcasts and reading things that have inspired me to make little changes and you can too!

Eating better makes you feel better. Start with something small! For example, bake a healthier version of your favorite go to snack and freeze them so you can have them whenever you want! My go to are some amazing chocolate muffins with literally just 4 healthy ingrediants! It delicious, its nutrtious and its a healthier option! Choose more fruits and veggies through out your day . Since choosing more plant based foods, I can honestly say it does make a difference in how you feel.

Get active! This one is hard to find the time. But its about finding the pocket of time that works for you and being consistent with it. Start with a walk outhside early morning or afternoon. Put the little one in a stroller, take them with you. Your older kids can go too. Put them on a scooter or bike. Are they napping? Get in at least 10 minutes of any youtube work out you like! There’s tons of options and its free! You can stream it from your phone and do it right next to your napping baby. Anything you can fit in. Mama you got this.

Give yourself a bedtime. lol seriously though! As we know with cranky babies who get no sleep, its no different as an adult. The better rested you are, the better you can feel and the better you can be all around!

I recently attended a lecture by Imam Siraj Wahaj who beautifully reminded us the key to success in this life is the book.

We spend so much time on our phones, we can redirect at least 5 minutes to reading Qu’ran even if is on our phone. We want our babies to read, we can’t forget to do the reading too. In sha Allah. After all the first verse revealed in the Qu’ran was “IQRA (read) , in the name of your Lord…”

Just like we make the time to take care of our babies, we need the time to take care of ourselves too. You are just as important! So take that first baby step towards taking better care of you! It will pour out into everyone else you love. In sha Allah.

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