A Good Cause-Mystic Land Creations

Buying fancy things can be quite the adventure! Especially if you have little ones around the house. In that case, purchasing your fancy item is just the start of your adventure. Keeping it in tact will be the journey. But what if your item of value has a story. A story that can teach valuable life lessons to your kids in more ways than one? What am I talking about? Well let me tell you!

Bashair Jabari, founder of OwnAdore, recently reached out to me to collaborate. She sells painted stemware and ceramic plates. The items are beautifully crafted with so much detail.

As first I wasn’t sure how I would incorporate these into my daily life. Much of my kitchen wear is kid proof and whatever isn’t is tucked up out of kid reach. But when I heard the story behind her brand, I simply could not resist.

With every purchase, she uses a big portion of her proceeds to give back in ways that many easily take for granted. Water. For many of us, it runs in the sink, the tub, the toilet, the washer. We turn it off when we’re done and we get fresh, clean water when we turn it back on. We have easy access to filtered water, but many do not. Bashair provides families with low maintenace water recycling systems giving families ongoing safe water for agricultural purposes.

Pictured below: From buckets collecting used water to actual water filters-far left.

Even more so amazing is that many of her pieces have been crafted by individuals from Palestine. Truly an ethical production where your support helps many families in this region.

So if you want to give back, be modestly fancy or know someone who loves art and craftmanship, support Bashair’s mission through your purchase(s). Share her instagram with your friends and family. TheMysticLand Instagram Page If its for you, share them with your littles in a safe, supervised environment. Using fancy wear has a way of making you feel special. So imagine your kids excitement when you bring out the fancy plate! Let’s teach them every day is a special day so why not use a fancy plate today and share the story behind the item(s) highlighting hard work, appreciation and giving.

This post was sponsored by The Mystic Land Creation but I am humbly honored to share such an important mission. Please spread the word. It takes little efforts to make a big difference. My affiliate link is below.


Salam! 😊

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