Shopping Strollers!

I have a confession to make. I love strollers! Yep. I’m guilty! Its almost like car shopping for your lil’ ones. Like a dream car, there is such a thing as a dream stroller! There are so many out there depending on your wants and needs! From affordability to function, here’s a mini run down of all the strollers we’ve been through from day 1 of mommin’. Alhamdulillah.

1. Britax B-Agile

This was our first stroller ever! We received it as a gift before baby arrived. I was a big jogger enthusiast at the time and this was just right for giving my baby girl many smooth, comfortable rides during my sweat sessions! The back extends all the way down which makes for great naps! She slept like a boss baby in this one which made for easy naptimes out the house. It is so light to push, yet durable for them to grow in and still use as a preschooler. We gave it away when my daughter was four. Ummm, as a joke I may have even pushed my husband in it. Just goes to show you how strong it is! I still miss this stroller!! (P.S. The newer version of this one is now called the B-Lively. My particular stroller was recalled however, Britax sent me a kit to fix the issue and I never had a problem with it!)

2. Britax B-Ready

When my daughter was around 2, I was getting the stroller itch. My daughter was now a toddler and I really wanted to face her while strolling. I could do that with the carrier insert, but she outgrew it so fast. So around income tax time, I convinced the hubbs to buy us the Britax B-Ready. I considered this our luxury stroller! I loved it. I could flip the seat both directions and had a ton of storage space on the bottom. It was big, heavy to pick up and took up a lot of space. But I loved it haha. Truth be told, we sold it after year or two. As your kids get older, functionality needs change, right? lol

3. Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand

With baby no. 2 on the way, I was excited to find a new stroller. This time around, both strollers were gone. Starting from scratch! Double stroller? Uhhh no, my daughter was turning 4 at the time. Single stroller ehhhh, but what if she got tired? She’s still my baby [insert ugly cry face]! So I got the sit and stand! A good middle ground. Only thing was she wanted to be in it all the time just because. I can’t blame her. It was like a new toy with wheels! Only thing was.. it was like pushing a ton! I also felt like my baby was so far away being up in the front. Its the eighteen wheeler truck of strollers. One day at the zoo, we fit 3 kids in it along with the “sureee, place your extra bags here!” Basically, if you have a lot of cargo and don’t mind the weight, check this one out!

4. Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller

With my eldest now in school and my fair share of heavy strollers, I took the plunge. I finally caved in to an umbrella stroller. What a breeze! Light as a feather, suuuuuuper quick to open and close. Ummm wow! Its like when you discover a life hack and you have that “a-haaaa” moment. My only struggle is naptime. This is a basic, basic one with no lounging options so this is one for quick errands NOT during naptime. Otherwise, you’ll be pushing it tilted back on two wheels like me to avoid nap time droopy head probz.

5. Uppababy Cruz

My current stroller. Its no surprise that Uppababy is a pretty penny. Alhamdulillah I was able to score the older version from a parent whose child no longer uses strollers. Basically me with the Agile, back to no. 1. I can honestly say this stroller has everything I’ve wanted in a stroller. It faces both directions. Its easy to push, its lightweight. Its especially comfy for baby and me! And its not even that bulky. Its sleek, stylish and my son loves it. It has multiple recline positions. He will literally climb into it on his own and has even wanted to stay in it when its time to get out. The storage space is amazing! It really is a game changer! It has simplified many struggles for me. For example, I’ll walk around outside until he falls asleep in it. Park him safely indoors with family, and enjoy a nice date with my husband or quickly cook dinner. And that’s the older model, I can imagine what the newer model is like!

So Mamas tell me, which stroller is your fav?!

For more deets on each stroller such as price, ratings, more pics, etc., please check them out on amazon at the following link. I created one collective list including all these strollers along with my fav accessories!

Amazon Affiliate Page-Hey Mama Salam

[None of these brands sponsored this post. This is me just for the fun of it! But if you are thinking of buying any, please consider buying through my link as an amazon influencer affiliate. I earn a small percentage 💛 JazakAllah Khayran & Salam!]

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