Why we LOVE our Nugget and Think you would too!

What’s a nugget anyway? It can be anything you want it to be. That’s the joy of nugget comfort. With 4 cushions, your kid(s) can design, relax, pretend and play to their hearts content!

The nugget is designed with kids in mind every step of the way. Its unpacking is so easy. The bright empty box serves for loads of creative play and the sofa is amazing!

It literally takes minutes to set up and our kids were all over it right out the box!

The foam pieces are sturdy, but light enough for my kids to maneuver! My five year old rearranges the pieces all by herself while my one year old enjoys rolling around the triangular pieces.

You can do so many things with this sofa. Its an investment I think you’ll be happy you spent (for you and your kids!). Our kids spend so much time playing with the nugget. For that reason, it makes a great parenting hack. Just place it somewhere you can see them and multitask away! Just make sure you set some ground rules, there were a few bumps with all the over-excitement!

Did I mention how comfortable it is? I can go on about the different ways its been used, but I’d rather show you!

For more, check them out at NuggetComfort

p.s. they have the cutest IG feed!

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