Feeding Baby-3 Quick and Easy Ideas

Salam/Peace Mamas πŸ’•

When baby is old enough to eat, or shall I say ready to eat..it is such an exciting time. I thought for weeks, okay..okay..months before about what that first food would be! Any mamas with me? Going for that organic, home made option! Not that anything is wrong with store bought. I just love making things from scratch! From my first baby to my second! You always go all out for the first child. We had an expensive high chair. We had fancy little baby blender that comes with a food storage set and a cookbook..The Baby Bullet Like I said, 1st baby! (It is really cute though!) Fast forward to baby number 2, and I have a $20 high chair from Ikea, pictured above. I’m using my regular blender and some tubberware! I still prefer organic food although I will buy a typical watermelon or pineapple. For some reason, organic watermelon and pineapple isn’t that popular. Anyhowwww..I spent so much time making special baby blends and Ahamdulillah baby would rather eat a piece of bread! So I learned to keep it simple! And Baby food can be simple!

How we keep it simple:

  • Sub han Allah/Glory to God he’s given us foods like bananas, avocados, dates. Three amazing foods you just pop open, scoop it with a spoon or squish it between your fingers and bam! You got some baby food! And the best part is.. it literally took a couple of seconds! So if baby doesn’t like it, no time wasted! Sweet potatoes/squash/yams are another fav! Made once, made for the whole family baby included..because once cooked, its spoon scoop-able! And I’m talking boil it in some water or just roast it plain! It’s sweet enough to roll solo.
  • Also frozen fruit is ah-mazing! Chop it up, store it and freeze it. Your whole family can enjoy it too, in sha Allah/if God wills. Win-win! And a major plus, it can sooth teething babies adorable lil’ gummies! We use Munchkin’s Mesh Baby Feeder for this and it’s a fav! Our go to is frozen watermelon and frozen pineapple!
  • Ice pops! There’s so many ways you can make them. But for us, simplicity wins! So for baby, I grab some chopped up fruit and mix with water. Mix it up a bit and naturally the water turns to fruit juice! If baby isn’t quite ready for small fruit pieces yet, blend it for some ice pop smoothness! I started with regular size pops that I held to feed, but then I came across baby size molds! Nubys Baby Pops Alhamdulillah because baby can hold it with those cute little fingers..and mama has some free hands while baby nom nom noms away! In sha Allah.

I’d love to hear any other ideas you have about keeping baby feeds quick and easy!

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