Review-Children’s Book “What Is A Muslim?”

Review of the children’s book “What Is A Muslim?”

This adorable book teaches our children how to be a good muslim. It highlights the pillars of Islam through easy text and large, colorful pictures. The illustrator, being the author’s 10 year old daughter, makes the images so relatable to our children. Ma sha Allah, a father-daughter collaboration!

The majority of the story is told in a rhyming fashion, a clever way to grab any one’s attention especially our kids! You even can sing along to this story by streaming the nursery-style nasheed mentioned in the back of the book. Vocals also performed by the author, Alhamdulillah.

I really like the simplicity, yet effectiveness of this book in positively teaching our kids, and anyone else, what it truly means to be muslim. Thanks for reading! 💕

You can check them out on instagram at Itsybitsymuslims and the paperback is available on Amazon Prime 😬😬😬 for under $10!


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