Review-My Deen Magazine

Review: My Deen Magazine-February’s Issue/2018-Safety First! (2-4 yrs old)

An Islamic Children’s Magazine that combines fun with learning about basic skills and positivity in Islam for kids 2-11yrs old (same monthly theme, different content per age group)!

We finally got our 1st issue of My Deen Magazine and it’s awesome! When you’re 4 and there’s a large envelope in the mail with your name on it, the excitement is real. She couldn’t wait to rip it open and share the other issues with her mini peeps in her homeschool posse. If you meet with other muslim, homeschooling families like us, My Deen Magazine is a great tool to encourage learning, socializing and unity amongst the kiddies! In sha Allah.

The content is great! All 23 pages are so colorful with these adorb, entertaining cartoons & activities. This month’s theme was all about safety which tied in so perfectly with her learning to ride a bike, navigate the park, food safety, the proper clothes to wear, and more! Ma sha Allah. They even threw in a “traffic-light” themed snack recipe to get your child “a-cookin”in the kitchen. Yes, please and thank you!

It’s refreshing to see how this magazine combines basic skills with a little bit of arabic and Islamic knowledge. Several subjects can be covered in just one activity. As a muslimah homeschooling mama, busy mama, any type of mama, that’s a win! I like that they tie all the subjects into a short story at the end! We used it as a bedtime story. Aaaand hyped up our bedtime routine by allowing her to choose 1 activity from the magazine to do, cozied up in bed after pajama time.

Excited to see what’s in store for next month’s issue and the issues to come. March’s theme is going to be about Prophet Isa/Jesus (AS)! As a convert to Islam, with other religions in my family, I look forward to sharing this knowledge with my daughter while having fun! In sha Allah.

If you’re interested, go to My Deen Magazine and receive 15% off your subscription with the following coupon code: minideen

As Salam Alakum! 💕

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