C-Section Recovery

What is it like after having a C-Section? Plus Tips and Advice for your C-Section Recovery!

Having a C-Section can be nerve wrecking. I totally get that. If you don’t need it, Alhamdulillah! (Praise and thanks to God) But if you do, Alhamdulillah! It’s a blessing that we have such technology and medicine today to be able do such a procedure. In my case, I wasn’t prepared for it. It wasn’t planned. (Wanna’ know the reason why, check out my c-section story) The recovery can be tough, but knowing about some of its struggles ahead of time may help you overcome them! In sha Allah (God willing)/iA.

  1. Numb Legs. It will take about 24 hours for you to feel your legs again. Ladies, this means you will be stuck to the bed with with a catheter! But once that spinal tap or epidural wears off, you’ll wiggle that toe and it will work its way up! iA
  2. Sore incision site. Your incision site will hurt obviously. Depending on where your incision is, they may have you cover it with maxi pads until it heals to keep it clean and prevent infection (i.e. if its under your bikini line) Also, your mid section will be sore for weeks, I’m not going to lie. No heavy lifting mama, just that adorable little baby of yours.
  3. Slow your role. You will be moving extremely slow for a couple weeks. Don’t let the paid meds fool you. Those things are strong. Your body needs this time to heal or your recovery will take even longer. For instance, I laid on my side on the floor because I really wanted to join my husband playing with our baby on the playmat. Only a couple days into being at home from the hospital and my incision opened up a tiny bit. My shirt was soaked in blood. I freaked out. Alhamdulillah, they fixed it right up the following day at my doctors appointment. It was very painful!
  4. Extra long bathroom breaks. Going potty will be a challenge for a bit. They just cut through you and pushed some stuff around to get that or those beautiful baby or babies out. So use that stool softener in the beginning. Standing up also helps as funny as that sounds.
  5. Pump or nurse frequently. I struggled with breastfeeding in the beginning. My daughter didn’t latch right away and my milk production was delayed! Once it came in, I was already supplementing with formula. However you choose to feed your baby, make sure you empty those breasts mama! Mastitis can occur when the breasts become engorged which may lead to clogged milk ducts. I had never even heard of mastitis until it happened to me in which case they prescribed me antibiotics. And yes, your boobs hurt!
  6. Good Nutrition. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables! You won’t be able to exercise for a few weeks so eating the right foods will help you feel good, both mentally and physically!
  7. Gentle C-Section. Ask your doctor if they can accommodate this for you. It allows you mama to bond more with your new born baby during the actual cesarian. Check out these two articles to learn more about it, one from The Bump and the other from CNN.
  8. C-Section Doula! This was news to me, but did you know you can still have a doula in this scenario!? If you know you are having a c-section, check to see if theres one in your area. The more support you have, the better iA especially during the recovery! I found a great example of one who explains the services provided in such a scenario. Check out their website Birthing Hands.

So yes recovering from a C-Section can be tough. I didn’t know much about the procedure or recovery process during my experience. I wanted to share with you so iA you can have a smoother recovery 🙂 Please drop a note and let me know your thoughts and/or experiences!

Salaam (Peace)!

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