A MultiFaith Family

I was hesitant to write this piece because talking about religion can be touchy for some people, but I want to show a different side. A side that embraces love over differences, respect over misunderstanding and coexistence over separation.

For my friends who are not muslim, here’s a quick 411. Some muslims choose to celebrate certain holidays among Ramadan and both Eids, and some muslims only celebrate the Islamic ones. There are different opinions regarding the dos and don’ts of some of them. Hence, the reason for such diversity. Allah (arabic for God) knows best.

Islam embraces family! Here are some examples:

1.Jannah lies under your mother’s feet. Treat yo mama with kindness, love and respect. No matter the differences you share, always be there for her and in sha Allah (arabic for God willing) you can earn your way into Jannah (arabic for paradise/heaven).

2.Keep the ties with kinship. Allah wants us to keep in touch with siblings and relatives. In doing so, we are pleasing the Almighty and it’s yet another way of working our way into Jannah, in sha Allah.

Amongst a family of different religions, one thing remains constant and that is the importance of family. It is easy to get caught up in each other’s differences. I’ve been there. Once those differences are put aside, there’s so much to enjoy.

Some things we do:

  • Family dinners once a month! We do it “potluck” style and take turns hosting. Sometimes we include a game. Some of our favorites are family fued (card game but it comes as a board game too), Kerplunk or heads-up (check out the app store).
  • Movie Night once a week. Invite different family members! For us its usually Grandma, but occasionally our neighbor or other members of the family. We do it at home, but you can switch it up and go to the theater!
  • Face-time! Skype! Video chat! Whatever you have access to. A lot of our family live out of state, so this makes a big difference for us. Even my sisters live out of state! So we do this as much as possible even if its just 5 minutes to say Hey! Whats up? Just Working. Have a great day. Love ya! Okay Bye! Ha

It took time to get to this point. Actions spoke louder than words. It was the simple, constant things that went a long way proving that though we are “different” we are still the same.

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