Going from 1 to 2 kids

Prior to the birth of my son, my daughter was the center of it all. I was worried that being a new mommy to a new baby, Alhamdulillah, would make her feel pushed to the side and sad. We’re like peanut butter and jelly, now with an extra layer of something new smack in between. What was this “new sandwich going to taste like”? Speaking to other parents of two plus kids had given us their advice. My husband’s experience with his own sibling as a child had me on edge. I made dua (prayed) that it would be positive. Basically sprinkles on a cupcake! Sweet and, well, awesome!

We prepped her for her new role as big sister by talking about all the cool things she could do with her little bro, in sha Allah (God willing).  Since he has come home, she gives him kisses left and right! Alhamdulillah (praise and thanks to God). Dua (prayer) is powerful! Since my husband was home helping a lot the first two weeks or so, she had an increased attachment to him. I wanted to run around with them, but this mama needed to heal. The physical recovery phase feels slow when you’re in it, but its really the opposite. Babies grow so much within the first year, it also makes the time feel like its passing by so quickly.

As for mama, heres’s what helps me out:
  1. Showers in the morning. It helps me be alert even when running low on sleep.
  2. Baby carrier to wear baby and get some things done around the house ! Throw in some singing and dancing about what you’re doing, makes it extra fun for mom, older sibling and baby!
  3. Company! Conversation and a little distraction to sneak an extra cookie or two, or just an extended bathroom break.
  4. Lots of playtime for older sibling, dates with daddy and one-on-one play sessions (when baby naps).
Disclaimer: Im no pro. Just caring, sharing and spreading love! May Allah (God) protect our little children and strengthen their bonds with their siblings and parents! Ameen.

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